Time for Two at Love Kingston Marketplace -Wed. Aug 11 12-1pm

It’s Time for Two! We’re excited to share that we’ll be performing at Springer Market Square as part of Love Kingston Marketplace. ❤️

Catch us on Wednesday, August 11th from 12pm-1pm.

Please keep in mind that capacity limits, masking protocols, and physical distancing requirements will be in effect as per Step 3 of the Covid-19 reopening framework. 😷


Sicilian Mariners’ Hymn

This week we bring you a carol I hadn’t hear before – the Sicilian Mariner’s Hymn. which, according to tradition, Sicilian seamen ended each day on their ships by singing this hymn in unison.

The tune was associated with the German Christmas carol “O du Frohliche, O du Selige.” and also appears to have had an influence on the African American song “We Shall Overcome.” (https://hymnary.org/tune/sicilian_mariners)

Here’s a link if the embed doesn’t work: https://youtu.be/OHbrwchjmys

Katie Legere, bassoon & Chris Alfano, clarinet

The Dreidel Song

This week we bring you the delightful Dreidel Song (also called “I have a Little Dreidel” or “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” about the spinning child’s toy and wish a happy holiday season to all of our Jewish friends!

Here’s a link in case the embed doesn’t work: https://youtu.be/tQXJXFSy8wY

Chris Alfano & Katie Legere

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