Dat Dere

Happy Easter weekend everyone – we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

This week we arranged and performed “Dat Dere” for your amusement. Chris Alfano & Katie Legere Video link to YouTube Here

Here are the lyrics:

Hey Daddy, what’s dat dere?
And what’s dat under dere?
Oh Daddy, oh hey Daddy, hey look at over dere!
And what dey doing dere?
And where dey go in dere?
And Daddy can I have dat big elephant over dere?

Hey, who’s dat in my chair?
And what she doing dere?
And Daddy, hey Daddy, can I go over dere?
Hey Daddy, what is a square?
And where do we get air?
And Daddy can I have dat big elephant over dere?

My quizzical kid! Man, he doesn’t want anything hid!
He’s forever demanding to know Who, what and why and where! Inquisitive child! And sometimes the questions get wild!
Like “Daddy can I have dat big elehpant over dere?”

Don’t wanna comb my hair.
And where’s my teddy bear?
Daddy, oh hey! Look at the cowboy coming dere!
Hey, can I have a pair of boots like dat to wear?
And Daddy can I have dat big elephant over dere?

The time will march, the years will go
The little fellow’s gonna grow
I gotta tell him what he needs to know
Help him along so he’ll know right from wrong
Gotta make him strong

The Entertainer

Since we can’t bring you tonight’s Happy Hour concert, Chris and I have dressed up again for #FormalFridays and made a video of us playing Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer. Video link to YouTube here

To support our local restaurant sponsor, we are getting takeout tonight from Darbar 613-548-7053.

Stay healthy, be good to each other and wash you hands!