Go ahead, distract me!

Last week I was practicing for a upcoming solo appearance and I thought I would try out different ways of playing through distraction.

I love listening to Podcasts and Podcast playlist (http://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcastplaylist) is one of my favourites. So.. I opened it up on the stereo in my studio and turned it up so that I could here myself play and hear my metronome but could still also follow the program.

Why would I do this to myself? Isn’t it tough enough to concentrate without making it harder? Aren’t you supposed to get rid of every distraction and focus?

Well… yes you are but have you ever noticed that when you’re performing all kinds of things become a distraction? It’s a lot like the great advice I read here from the Bulletproof musician:

How to Make the Most of a Dress Rehearsal

Yes, I absolutely try to emulate a performance before it happens.

  • If I’m standing for a solo – I practice it standing
  • Before the concert I play in the shoes I’m going to wear
  • I try out the dress/outfit (is the skirt too short when I sit? Does it gets caught in my keys? Does (heavens forbid) the top work itself down while I play?!)

But it’s hard to emulate that person in the front row snoring or coughing or leaving suddenly…. so I also try to learn to focus through distractions.

Sometimes i also discover a new podcast too!