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Whether you’re hosting your office get-together, throwing a lavish party, getting married or celebrating another special event be sure to include The Swingmasters … the very best in musical entertainment

swingmasters-croppedStarted by Al and Jim Rolls of Hamilton in the early ’50’s, Swingmasters is an 7-9 piece ’40’s “big band” style dance band comprised of Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Rhythm Section, and Vocals. With additional personnel we become a classic dance orchestra with strings.

We play Swing, Bossa Nova, Light Rock, Waltz and Polka styles always suitable for dancing.

This group is designed for dancing and a big crowd and is ideal for large office Parties and large elegant weddings where only live music will do.

Swingmasters ballroom OrchestraSwingmasters Ballroom Orchestra

This is a 22 piece dance orchestra that can perform everything from Swing Music to Strauss Waltzes like a real Hotel Orchestra of Yester Year. It is a full big band with 8 strings for a lush sound that cannot be surpassed for class and elegance by any other group.

Chris Alfano, Leader


The rate for this group is $900.00 (7 piece band) for the first hour and $400.00 for each hour proceeding.

Swingmasters ballroom Orchestra
Rates are negotiated.


* rates apply to engagements withing the Kingston area. Contact us to get a quote for out of town engagements.

Chris Alfano Trio

What could be better than the sounds of smooth jazz for your cocktail hour or corporate get together.

Together with his colleagues from the Kingston and surrounding area Chris Alfano will entertain and delight you with their interpretation of the standards of the jazz genre.

Chris plays clarinet, flute, alto, tenor and soprano sax with ease and virtuosity.

Watch Chris, joined by Rich Bannard, Paul Clifford and Greg Runions to perform a tribute to Benny Goodman on the Island Star:


The rate for each of this trio for the first hour is $325.00. The rate for each proceeding hour is between $150 and $225.00 depending on the requests and function of the group as well as special arrangements and fees for travel if out of town. The jazz trio can be augmented with a drummer for dancing. The rate is $400.00 for the first hour and $225.00 for additional hour.

A duo of Tenor Sax/Clarinet and Guitar/Piano can be utilized for a rate of $200.00 for the first hour and $100.00 for each subsequent hour.

* rates apply to engagements withing the Kingston area. Contact us to get a quote for out of town engagements.